Community Support & Knowledge Sharing

I support all of this.
Will also add that we maybe need a revisit of the members with those roles + open it to new people ? Cause I feel like some of those are very inactive, could be only my own vision tho.


Hi @Eyolis, thank you for your suggestion! At this time, we believe our current members are sufficient to handle our community’s activities effectively. We may not always post publicly and sometimes communicate privately with users as well.

However, we appreciate your feedback and will certainly make an announcement if an opportunity arises to open up more spots in the future. Your input is valuable to us, and we always welcome suggestions to improve our community.

Reviewed and it looks good to me. Let’s keep this support going.

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I support this. Lets put it to vote!

Hello, everyone!
The council review for this proposal has concluded with the following result:

For: 10
Against: 0
Missed the review: 1

The proposal has now been moved to Snapshot for the DAO’s consideration and it’ll start accepting votes ~1 hour from this message.


Thank you for your participation in this discussion!

Based on the result of the Snapshot vote for this proposal, this proposal has been passed and will be implemented following the expiry of the existing Community Support and Creator program.

Thank you very much for your participation!