How about CU's recent data? How to analyze?

First of all, let me talk about my thoughts, let’s talk about the number of addresses, including RBW, SRBW, ERBW, UNIM。

It can be clearly seen from the picture that various addresses have grown rapidly during the airdrop, and now they have shown a stable state. This is a good signal, and the address base is already very good for a project that has no games and is not online!
The second is about the governance token $RBW

The price performance of rbw in the scenario of single-currency pledge has been quite good. I believe that with the pledge of LP, the performance will be even better.
I’m just throwing a piece of the puzzle, and the game needs to pay more attention to the data of nft. Here are a few analyst links that you can pay attention to.


Thank you! Very interesting and important information!


Thanks. Great insights.


new update with game launch


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