Staking revamp before V2 launch

Crypto Unicorns economy is going through tough times. DAU is low, tokens don’t show any signs of life even during overall market’s relief rally. Usually, government token’s price is a mark of the project’s strength. And it works in both ways: positive token’s movement attracts new people, not only speculators but real users too.

The strongest factor, that keeps RBW token from rising with whole market is unrealistically high “emission” rate of staking. 89% APR is much higher than CU economy can sustain even if only half of stakers are dumping their rewards.

Unlock of 12-months stakers is approaching, staking V2 is coming too so there won’t be the better time to change the structure of staking rewards.

My suggestion is simple: reduce staking rewards three times. It will result in the maximum APR of 30% for 12-months stakers (not counting bonus multiplier from badges).

I understand that it can result in dump by big stakers after their unlocks. But let’s be real, they are already unsatisfied with their earnings and token’s price behavior. Better to take this hit now, and make a contribution in long term sustainability of the project.

Not dumping such amounts of RBW daily will make it more scarce, which should encourage real players and increase CU’s adoption.


I have to agree with Kuan , I think there are too much beneficial for passive staker .

Laguna Games should always do what is best for the game and community.

I have mixed feelings about the 12-Month Stakers ( Perhaps an extra Badge ) , but the goal is straightforward.
Instead of a longer period of uncertainty, we can create a kill switch to recreate the economy in order to regain control of the economy.

It will motivate more action from the ecosystem rather than passive rewards. This, in my opinion, increases the token’s value by making it more difficult to obtain.

Thanks for your ideas here. I could see people had a lot to say about the topic in general.
Personally I dont think any actions are needed. 89% is going down nearly by the day. Without any intervention the APR will lower by itself to where the market finds RBW’s true value. Staking version 2 is around the corner. This will lower single staking rewards while increasing active player stakers rewards. This will reward people who play the game and use RBW. Even without large user growth APR will keep falling. V2 will balance things even more. Let’s hope we see user growth on top to keep everything healthy. I think changing peoples staked RBW returns as stated in white paper staking allocation schedule would do more harm then good in keeping peoples confidence and trust. These are how I currently see things. If you think you can change my mind. By all means I am happy to listen. I only mean well for this project and everyone that is involved. My opinion can be wrong. I see a natural correction happening. Yes it could be sped up. But I think it would do more harm and arrive at the same place. Thanks again. Really am happy to have people educate or correct me if I am wrong.

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There is an opinion that a good APR should be left only for steaking pairs of RBW/ETH, and the solo pool to turn it down.
What do you think?

thats a hard no from me. I dumped a huge amount of money into this game and continue to restake for the max terms because of the APR and game potential. changing anything would be a total kick in the nuts. hundreds of millions of RBW will be released to the team and investors the next couple years, a lower APR for us now just guarantees we all get leap frogged and left in the dust.

Hi Kuan,

I appreciate you putting these thoughts forward in our Forum. What are your thoughts on Staking and RBW/ETH LP yield adjustments - #41 by nftgibby?

It seems in alignment with your idea. Please give feedback on that draft when you have time.

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