CUIP-052 - Season 5 Governance Council Election [Pass]


Pursuant to the Crypto Unicorns Charter, the DAO shall elect 11 community members who shall serve as the Governance Council. The Governance Council will act as gatekeepers to proposals being sent to Snapshot for an official DAO vote. Each term lasts 6 months with the incoming council being elected near the end of every term/season.


Each wallet address will vote using the quadratic voting strategy, allowing everyone to distribute their votes to multiple candidates as they see fit.

Please vote for the candidate(s) you support.

  • Councilwoman Zyori
  • darthschmitty
  • Ethereal
  • Eyolis
  • Gabe | ShazbotWarrior
  • GoliathRulz (“THUD Master”)
  • Invoko
  • KeizerMc
  • lgJeff
  • Neviolo | Nonlinear
  • Prof
  • TheTruth Pirate
  • timetraveler
  • TrKing

Snapshot: Snapshot