CUIP-038 - Season 4 Governance Council Election [Pass]


As the CUIP-004 - Governance Council Installation indicated that each council season lasts 6 month, we now officially open the election for our Season 2 Governance Council members. The Governance Council will act as gatekeepers to proposals being sent to Snapshot for an official DAO vote.


As the recently approved CUIP-010 mandates, each wallet address will vote using the quadratic voting strategy, allowing everyone to distribute their votes to multiple candidates as they see fit.

Please vote for the candidate(s) you support.

  • Illest 3.0
  • Dipbeak
  • jbp3
  • timetraveler
  • Invoko
  • Lev0x Popcorn
  • Ethereal
  • Eyolis
  • IslandGirl
  • Dijkstra’s Revenge | Nonlinear
  • wasper

Snapshot: Snapshot