CUIP-015 - Staking Emission Reduction [Failed]


The Delphi Proposal has kicked off a much needed discussion inside the CU DAO. While their proposal is a good first step we believe the reallocation of staking emissions to game leaderboards is unnecessary.


We believe constraining the daily emission of RBW tokens is necessary to properly set up our community for growth. Reallocation of the reduced staking rewards to game leaderboards is not necessary as we have plenty of rewards in the P&E pool to properly incentivize engagement. Thus, we suggest simply reducing RBW emissions to the Single Side pool.


  • Reduce weekly RBW emissions for Staking by 75% from 690,410 to 172,602.
  • Increase weekly RBW emissions for RBWLP by 100% from 78,211 to 156,422.

This will result in a net reduction of 439,597 RBW per week.


The first half of 2023 is critically important for the Crypto Unicorns DAO. In order to inflect growth we must stop the decline in token price driven by oversupply. Tightening staking emissions will work in tandem alongside the design team’s continued in-game economic tightening measures. We believe this proposal best positions Crypto Unicorns for the coming growth we hope to see with the launch of Jousting, Unicorn Party, TeamRPG, Tribes, and more over the course of 2023.

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Discussion: Staking Emission Reduction

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