CUIP-016 - Staking Emission Reduction II [Pass]


The Snapshot vote for CUIP-015 - Staking Emission Reduction has concluded, with 56.50% voting against the proposal and 43.50% voting in favor. This is equivalent to 100,605,460 votes, or 55.33% of our total voting population. The relatively narrow margin between the voting options compelled us to examine the voter distribution more closely. Only 95 wallets (13.46%) voted against the proposal, while 611 wallets (85.54%) voted in favor of the proposal. Given that the majority of DAO members support reducing staking emissions, we felt it was necessary to reopen the dialogue on reducing the staking emissions.


After reading through the forum and Discord discussions we have modified the original proposal in the hopes of alleviating some community concerns with CUIP-015. We believe that the changes to this proposal provide a compromise while still allowing us to achieve the original goal of reducing emissions to prepare our community for growth.


The new proposal shall:

  • Reduce the weekly RBW emission for single-side staking by 60% (690,410 → 276,164)
  • Maintain the same weekly RBW emission for RBWLP staking (78,211 → 78,211)
Current This Proposal CUIP-015
Weekly RBW Emission (Staking) 690,410 276,164 172,602
Weekly RBW LP Emission 78,211 78,211 156,422

This will result in a net reduction of 414,246 RBW weekly.

Please Note: The overall allocation of RBW to staking remains the same.


We continue to believe that the first half of 2023 will be crucial for the CU DAO. This proposal best positions Crypto Unicorns for the launch of Jousting, Unicorn Party, TeamRPG, Tribes, and other features in 2023. We request that the community vote in favor of this.

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