CUIP-001 - Ecosystem Grants - Round 1 [Pass]


Building a game with the ambitions and scale of Crypto Unicorns (CU) is an endeavor that takes a big community. In addition to our core team, we work with partners around the world to bring their specific expertise to the world of CU. In order to support their efforts and align their motivations over the long term, we propose to grant them RBW tokens from the Ecosystem Fund.


From the outset we knew community partners would be important to the project, so we created the Ecosystem Token Fund. This fund, defined in the Whitepaper, is set at 100MM RBW tokens and is intended to engage and align our partners’ long-term contributions and commitment to our amazing community.


As we engage partners, we will define the contribution made by each group and propose a token allocation we believe represents the team’s contribution. We will use a framework that considers a number of different parameters to guide our allocation proposal. Some developers will deliver core technologies or features the game depends upon while others will deliver auxiliary features that round out the experience. Some contributors will spend a short time with us, delivering on a specific initiative while others will contribute over a longer period of time. And some allocations target problem sets like bugs instead of specific developers. This framework will guide our proposals, but may not foresee all considerations so we expect to adjust the framework to meet the changing demands of game development.

These partners are critical to delivering the amazing CU game experience. This token fund is part of the DAO so it is up to the governors of the DAO to approve the distribution of the Ecosystem Token fund. Here are the specifics of the first Ecosystem Token Fund grant proposal for your consideration.


Moonstream DAO

This team of top-notch developers is a critical development partner for Crypto Unicorns. They have played a key role in developing core components of Crypto Unicorns including smart contracts and providing on-chain analytics services. We propose token allocations based on milestones as follows:

  • Milestone 1 (Complete) - 50,000 RBW
    • Egg / Land Sale Smart Contract Audit
    • Real-time On-Chain Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Milestone 2 (Complete) - 50,000 RBW
    • Dark Forest Smart Contract Development
    • Dark Forest Live Operations Management
    • Real-time On-Chain Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Milestone 3 (Complete) - 50,000 RBW
    • Terminus Smart Contract Deployment for UNIM, Lootboxes, SC Eggs, RBW Airdrop IOUs
    • Terminus Live Ops
  • Milestone 4 (In-Progress) - 350,000 RBW
    • Game Contract Audit + Ongoing Terminus LiveOps Support
    • Dark Forest Act II Development and LiveOps Support
    • Real-time On-Chain Data Analysis and Reporting
    • Vesting for 12 months

The tokens associated with completed milestones will be allocated upon approval, while tokens associated with future or in-progress milestones will vest over a 12 month period. We hope to continue to work with Moonstream beyond these milestones.

Venture Counsel

Venture Counsel specializes in crypto law. They advise the company and perform various legal services for the company. They work at a significantly reduced rate in exchange for tokens. We propose a token allocation as follows:

  • Milestone 1 (ongoing) - 500,000 RBW
    • Crypto law advice
    • Generation of legal agreements
    • Regulatory work
    • Legal opinions
    • Compensation structuring


Emfarsis is a marketing consulting agency specializing in crypto platforms. Their top-notch team has worked with the world’s leading crypto projects and we are pleased to have them on board to consult on our go-to-market activities. Emfarsis will advise the company at a regular cadence at our direction. We propose a token allocation as follows.

  • Continuous service - 12,500 RBW earned monthly for one year.

Dune Analytics Dashboard Work

Dune Analytics contributor Carson Brown is helping build out and maintain our system dashboards. We propose a token allocation as follows.

  • Continuous service - 2,000 RBW earned monthly for one year.

Proposal Cost

The total cost of this Ecosystem Grant proposal is 1.174M RBW which will be distributed over 12 months across the above-mentioned milestones and vesting schedules.


Please help us support our community of partners already contributing valuable code and ideas to Crypto Unicorns by voting to support this proposal.


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