CU IRL Advertising Revisited

Six months have passed since my initial idea for advertising and I would like to ask the team if they have received the reception they anticipated from the corn drops. below is a link to my original proposal and I would like to start it up again but with the removal of a highway size billboard suggestion.

The team has mentioned that they wanted to start by marketing to people already in the NFT space, and wait for advertising such as this until they have become the generation IP they are aiming for. I can see this approach but at this point, corn drops have become a clearance sale for older users to watch OS floor and snipe some good deals. I have seen a handful of users in discord say they got here and remained via corn drops. That is great and I hope to see more of that but I think we should consider other methods.

The team has given metrics on corn drop user retention rates and has said its an experiment so why not experiment with a few electronic adverts in a crowded city.

The requirements would include a younger demographic and highly populated locations, such as downtown San Diego or Los Angeles. It can be something simple and cool looking like a screen grab from jousting and have a QR code to whatever the team believes is best to onboard new user, such as a game guide.

A small advert on a mall kiosk map such as this averages about $1,000 a month.

I would like to see what the community thinks and If it’s something the team will consider, they could coordinate with heavily involved community members to find an ideal location to try and place an advert.

Please let me know what your thoughts are. I want to see CU get ahead of the game and not wait until bull season where there will probably be a lot of random meme project’s advertising all over the country again.

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People will probably say we’re not there yet, but c’mon lets get there.

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Frankly, I don’t think $1,000 is an amount worth saving for, given that they spent many times that much on land and unicorn buybacks.
It could be seen as an experiment.
But, in my opinion, we should buy ads in crowded places (preferably among young people) rather than on the track (as was the original proposal)
Also, I think that we should buy not one billboard, but 10 in different places (you can within the same city, you can in several major cities).
If you specify a QR code, can you make it unique for each billboard to keep track of where the better ads “shot”?
There is also the question of how this is regulated in the U.S. (I mean cryptogames).

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Yo that’s a great Idea with the QR codes, it can make like a heatmap of the best spots to continue advertising. I just suggested 1 to be conservative, but I can think of 5 malls and a few spots in San Diego alone I would shotgun spread.

Can we identify top 10 cities for crypto games? Can we gauge the temperature with these 2 more traditional forms of advertising. LG running cost are about $900k a month, which raises 2 more questions. What is the current budget for marketing and how much would we want to allocate to this proposal idea?

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Great questions, this is just an idea post so I didn’t ask for those details. Hopefully Nanessa could be so kind as to give us some insight.

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I would like to see advertising on every DEX trading web site out there. DEXtools, DEXscreener ETC.

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