Alternative to developer grants (following current draft proposal)

After reading the current draft proposal and all replies to it I got an idea that i wanted to share.

Let me first say this in short; I like the tools made and they could be useful later on but if we get them from the start it takes out the fun and the game turns into a calculation with clinical precision. Part of the fun is to make mistakes and learn from those to get better, just like in life. After saying this I would like to add the costs are insane in my opinion and thats why I would like to share my idea on this.

I expect there to be different devs or teams (that are invested or not) capable of creating similar tools for the community.

I think we can divide these tools in some categories like,
Breeding optimizers
Farming optimizers
Racing optimizers
Jousting optimizers
etc etc

My suggestion would be to have something like a developer competition in which they can WIN a grant for the most voted on tool in each category.
These tools have to be created for free and used by the community to get a feeling of whats useful or not.

For example the grant is given after the growth fase ( lets say 3 months )
So the sooner they release their tools and the better they are the more votes they could get for the grant.

I know its still a rough idea, but I did want to share to see what other think of it.


I completely agree! :+1:


This might be just me as well - but I actually do think that prizes are all over the place. Taking the Proposal you mentioned into consideration, that is almost 100,000 $RBW in total. That is already 240,000 dollars at this point and will most likely be millions in the future.
I dont know whether I am just stingy but that sounds really really over the top for me.
Many people are even building this for free because they have fun doing it. Look at all the community-built “from the players to the players”-“wikipedias” for games for example.

So I actually do agree with your idea of making it a somewhat contest, where the community gets to pick the winner-tools.
However, the prices shouldn´t be anywhere near that high in my opinion.
Make it 500-2000 RBW, depending on the circumstances and it is more than well paid in my opinion. 100k $RBW just sounds insane to me


I’m pretty much sure he didn’t mean devs have to pay 100k $RBW as it was asked in the “known” proposal, it is just the idea that treasury funds that are going to be distributed with the help of community, we all need to see what are we going to pay for. And no one wants to pay for theoretical product.
First of all, develop something, show it to community, prove it is useful, then ask for funds. Not ask for funds promising it will be useful.


I dont believe I mentioned any price, that is something we should think about.
The grants asked in the recent proposal are too high in my opinion for the work needed to build those tools.


Yeah no, I just wanted to refer to the price mentioned in the proposal for the community tools which you referred to - you yourself didnt mention prices :slight_smile: Maybe i just wrote it somewhat confusing but I guess we´re in the same boat there! :slight_smile:


Really getting a punky-spirit-of-Web3 vibe here.

As a strawman suggestion along Farmer Poncy Donners lines - we could hold a Unicorn Jam everything 3-6 months: Dev teams of up to 5 people have 48 hours to build a tool around a specific theme, the Community gets to use the tools and have a week to vote on their favourite, losing teams that turn out a working tool get a nominal number of RBW token as a thank you gesture (say ~100 per person), winning team is given a RBW prize (say~1000 per person).