UnicornParty.com - revised proposal

Hello, everyone.
The proposal is now live on Snapshot.
Head over to this link to vote once the voting starts:

Surf Labs and Laguna Games have refused to answer my questions. I have asked them the questions below 3 times.

"What is the company registration number of surf labs?

When did coda labs stop working on unicorn party? How much was coda labs paid?

When did SurfLabs start working on Unicorn Party? How much has surf labs been paid so far?"

Also, Laguna Games deleted my comment “surf labs and laguna games not answering my questions suggests surf labs and laguna games have something to hide”.

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huge red flag in the townhall when the “surf labs” founder forgot what the budget for unicorn party was

sparkly: “the proposal claims the operating cost to launch the games in the pitch deck is approximately 150k per month, is that the surf labs budget or the budget for cu ip games”

surf labs founder: “umm… i don’t know where 150k number comes from, umm… yes, so, clears throat , umm… that’s uhh… the dedicated budget for cu ip games”

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many people think laguna games has been extracting funds from crypto unicorns treasury from inflated quarterly expenses and through shady partnerships with Aaron’s friends to fund their next game

@darthschmitty13 would be interested in knowing these things too. I know it may be a pain to gather this data, but if we are voting on giving a large amount of money to a company, they should be vetted just as any other proposal should. Would love to know their previous history of running a company, their current involvement at the moment, etc… if they are legit and have a good track record, I see no reason not to get this info, same goes for if they aren’t that legit and a bad track record, would be better to know now then after we hand over money.

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I wouldn’t let statements made by others (who have a clear history of making all kinds of false accusations against LG) sway you.

I would not advocate for an opportunity with a company that I did not feel could deliver. You should consider Team Surf vetted and legit. Otherwise, I would have never advocated for them.

Regardless of what some community members may think. I look forward to passing the proposal and seeing the end results.

I am not swayed by cuppy, but i think this should be a precedent for “trust” all external partners wishing to get money from LG, bad OR good in the eyes of LG. I guess i’ll trust your judgement, but also would remind you that there have been other marketing/partnerships/things that you use your judgement with that didn’t go so great, so nobody’s judgement can be trusted 100% to do as expected. I do think the stop methods in place of not paying until results and things like that are great that they already have mentioned it and have it baked into their proposal. Not saying this isn’t a great idea, but the vetting of people/partnerships and such I think should have a process that everyone is put through to begin with, and then judgement can be passed after that? Hope this passes!

I guess I come back to the point I’ve made time and time again since this proposal went live.

Team Surf is effectively the same group of people we have been working with on Unicorn Party to date. Sekip has already answered in detail the relationship there. So these are already a vetted party and not some complete outsider.

I appreciate that our community has historically been hyper critical of anyone coming to ask the treasury for funding. I think its a challenge for any “web2” co that is new to this space.

The simple fact that Sekip didn’t back down and chose to engage with the community is a good sign. Most traditional developers would simply run for the hills. Instead, Team Surf took feedback and even made changes to the proposal.

Thanks as always for the comments and support TheTruth!

Good enough for me! Looking forward to it.

Based on comments in discord I wanted to memorialize my answers to a few questions.

  1. LG has no backdoor deal with Coda.
  2. Aron has no ownership (direct or indirect) in Surf.

I’ve known Sekip since we started working on the original Unicorn Party deal. Over the course of that deal I’ve grown to trust and respect him and his team. Ultimately, they must deliver. what they pitched.

If they fail to do so I won’t hesitate to end this relationship.

The voting period for CUIP-033: UnicornParty.com has ended with the following result.

Result: Yes

Snapshot: Snapshot

Yes: 39,744,662.75 + 200,000,100
No: 124,359,561.65

Total Votes: 364,104,324.4

This proposal has been approved by the DAO. I shall will begin the process of coordinating for the implementation.