The CU DAO Empire


Request 2,000,000 RBW from the Ecosystem Development Fund for the DAO to purchase CU assets in order to build a DAO owned “players” account.


Have the DAO begin building its CU empire. We, the DAO, are the ultimate long term believers of this project and should take a position and generate assets that are aligned with this belief. It shows the trust and commitment to the long term success of this project from the DAO and community.


The DAO would receive 2,000,000 RBW from the Ecosystem Development Fund to purchase a variety of CU assets to participate in the upside of the success of the game over the coming years. The current members of the DAO Council would be in charge of decision making for these assets and accounts. The intention would be to delegate these accounts to players who are adding value to the community. The DAO owned accounts would not be able to sell tokens or NFTs and would be tasked with using the earnings to grow the accounts as large as possible over time.

Asset Oversight:

The responsibility of asset oversight would fall on the DAO Council as representatives of the community at large. This would be something that is handed over to future council members of time to steward the DAO’s assets. They would be responsible for putting together a plan for the proper asset allocation in terms of unicorns, lands, shadowcorns and other CU assets. They would then be responsible for purchasing these assets, setting up the accounts and vetting players to delegate these accounts. The DAO Council will determine the appropriate delegation percentage in incentivize players to properly manage the DAO’s accounts.


The DAO will select players on a 30 day basis to receive delegation of these accounts. The selection criteria should be focused on players who will add the most value to the DAO and CU at large. That can be demonstrated through content creation, gameplay strategies or other methods that will add value to the community.


The DAO owned accounts, assets and tokens are not allowed to be sold (with the exception of paying delegatees). Up only. The intention of this restriction is to build a significant asset empire that appreciates with the long term success of CU. The players managing the accounts will be able to utilize the assets earned in game any way they see fit to maximize the long term asset growth of the DAO owned properties. This includes: breeding, LVM, Minion Forge & Tribes gameplay, purchasing off secondary, staking, providing LP and purchasing from the RMP.

Use of Funds:

2,000,000 RBW = approximately 15 eth at current prices. As an example, the DAO Council could decide to purchase 160 lands for 10 full accounts (~ 4 eth) and 600 virgin unicorns (~ 4 eth) and 2 eth worth of shadowcorns. This would leave 5 eth left for beginning the breeding empire, Minion forging, upgrading lands and / or staking. The profits from these 10 accounts would then be rolled back into expanding the empire through breeding and potentially purchasing additional lands. This example is for illustrative purposes only and will be determined by the DAO Council. As the funds will be distributed in RBW, one caveat the DAO Council may decide is that they will only purchase assets in RBW to mitigate downward sell pressure on the token. (Note: original proposal asked for $25,000 which is not possible through the Ecosystem Development Fund).


This proposal requests 2,000,000 RBW from the Ecosystem Development Fund in order build a CU DAO asset empire that appreciates in value alongside the long term success of the game. This reflects the DAO’s long term belief in its own success as well as an excellent use of the ecosystem funds to purchase assets during a strategic moment in time.

For clarity, this is denominated in RBW as the Ecosystem Fund is denominated in RBW as indicated in the tokenomics.

Polygonscan link to the EFund: GnosisSafeProxy | Address 0x90731cc3409904c5547f9c64b8bcf31801354133 | PolygonScan

What is the purpose of acquiring DAO game account ? to train new scholars?

Appreciate the question. The purpose would be to acquire and grow an asset based that appreciates over time. If these accounts are managed properly over the next few years and the game takes off as we are all hoping, the DAO would have a very nice base of assets to pass down to each subsequent council session.

would do better buying streaming pcs as gifts for community members who show an aptitude and enthusiasm for the CU arcade - talking of which, we need more TWITCH streamers = massive reach!!

Given the struggle we’ve had onboarding guilds I think this is worth a conversation. It’s definitely expanding the scope of the Council’s responsibility but their knowledge and expertise relative to the guild’s we’ve been interacting with is a night and day difference. Might be a way to show others the path to success while also allowing us to scale a scholars program directly via the DAO.

We can also consider utilizing the pool of assets we’ve purchased to date for corn drops as a means to seed this Guild.

I think more thought should be given around the implementation and long term goals but happy to see this idea being brought forward!

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I hadn’t really considered this from the perspective of onboarding guilds. It’s a space I know very little about, but I am excited about the possibility of paving the way through example for other guilds to follow.

Also, very much open to have contributions from corn drop pool or anywhere really.

And yes, I agree, it’s important to iron out who would responsible for this as there’s additional time and responsibility required to manage this expanded effort.

I have some concerns about the practical management of the DAO assets.

Who will hold the seed phrases or will there be some custodial wallet options using a multi-sig?

How much time is expected from the council members to monitor and onboard the accounts?

I think is is a good idea. However, I’d suggest fleshing out the implementation plan, given that the council changes every quarter and that this will indeed add responsibility to the council.

I would suppose that during election, I can include the list of responsibilities and ask people whether they commit to upholding upon accepting the nomination.

Having assisted a couple guilds step into CU after launch of Native delegation, I can say for certain, they are struggling significantly with finding new delegates no matter the benefits offered. Their existing players too, loosing interest after a few days of play. Having already no reason to expand, how does the ‘game’ itself competing with these new (or even existing) guilds help instill confidence ?

I personally think the proposal is a good idea if we weren’t dealing with council volunteers that get paid nothing to serve. Essentially, we are asking people to do more with no compensation for the “better good of everyone”, which could make it even harder to find volunteers. So, while the thought is nice realistically I don’t see how it can be implemented.

This in my mind is a company responsibility for paid personnel to manage if it were to be done.

I feel like the only way to do this is to get a separate management structure for it. Layering work on top of the board to do this when they already are stretched for even finding people to do the council makes this a proposal that needs a re-write.

I for one would not serve on the council if this were layered on top of it. I got time, but only so much… and besides “Where’s the cookie?” / benefit for doing this on the council other than basically “free labor”.

The idea itself is quite interesting: we could be constantly growing from inside, but there are lots of points to meditate on, just few of them:

  1. Since this is not for extracting $ from CU, but using it for growth, then how we motivate someone to actually play (giving XX% of unicorns bred…?)
  2. If all lands and are lvl10 and there are 200 corns working in each wallet and they are making some profit: what should be sold to get WETH needed for new land vending?
  3. Who will make micromanagement of players playing with lots of accounts? Council members are constantly changing and meta is changing much faster, there should be something constant in CU DAO Empire…

Interesting idea. But I have concerns around long term implementation plans and also for management plans. Might be better to have a separate management structure vs governing council role.

This is a copy paste from my message in the serious channel: Discord

My concerns with this kind of endeavor is more regarding fairness in the competitive aspect of the game. Don’t get me wrong I like the idea, I just see to many downsides to workout before having something that make sense.

Here’s some concerns: (a bit playing devil advocat)

  • Im not sure if you detailed that parts. But me running a small guild. My first thought, on the personal side, seing the proposal was “Hmmm… am I gonna get crushed by my own dao in every tribe/clan competitions?”. Does this program is allowed to compete with the actuall players and groups in tourneys?

    • Cause Core team and DAO are two central pilars. E.g we know team members play the game… but what if they make a guild and start crushing us. I bet we will and up crying insider trading/biases and that they have an edge. Same thing with the DAO
  • Isn’t it like creating an empire faction. Where new guilds and groups will come in underwhelmed cause “oh there’s no way we can outpower this mega corp at the center of the ecosystem”

  • Isn’t it a bit like pumping our own bag with DAO fund instead of encouraging more builder to make 3rd party mini games and tools? Sort of a QE situation again, also.

  • Wouldn’t it be the same if we would do a guild sponsoring program and give time locked bundles to already dedicated guilds to manage. With some clear terms like don’t sell the earning from those accounts and things like this. Could even leverage tha banning mechanic to ban the assets a guild received if terms aren’t respected or something technical leveraging our locking system.

I don’t know I’ve been thinking about your proposal for a little while and I can’t shake off the fact that there’s something ify about that idea of making the “DAO” a faction in the game when the dao is already in the game since we are the dao. Really hope you can make me change my mind tbh.

Love the idea, especially in the light of possibility to make purchases by RBW on HAWKU and not to dump our token for that. It can keep the floor more attractive to the new players, because now it is flooded by panic sellers. And CU can have a pool of assets for different marketing campaigns, like @darthschmitty13 mentioned above. RBW mined by these accounts can be used for best players appreciation and for a foundation of DAO bank.

But, assets should be not allowed for selling and rbw earnings for scholars to be locked with a vesting schedule to prevent dump.

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