Include the community in releases

Hey blackfield.

  1. This will need to be included in the proposal itself because otherwise, you’re not telling the DAO where to apply it. As the facilitator, you’re also not telling me when I should and should not enforce it. However, I’d appreciate it if you leave it up to the team when to do it. Our idea for now is to do it on major releases only so that it doesn’t affect regular live operations cycle.
  2. Kindly update your proposal as your proposal is what the DAO will be voting on.
  3. Got it. We’ll be updating you with an impact report on what is feasible and what is not.
  4. Kindly update your proposal. However, I’d like to ask for more time regarding this. We might need to check the legality regarding this first. For example, who will the NDA be between since it’s the DAO that’s enforcing it. If the legal discussion becomes too complex, we should come up with an alternative.

Kindly edit the post itself as that is what the DAO and the council will be voting on. Also, I’d like to suggest to get the proposal in its best shape before the review! ^^ If you wait for the council review and it fails the first time, the next time it can be reviewed is on December 15th. You will be asked to repeat the discussion with the DAO and refine the proposal again. Since as you said, you don’t want to delay it, it’s best to make edits early! I will also send a reminder to the council to check this thread too so you can get additional input!