Tokenomics Update: Buy & Burn

Giving full support to this proposal to buy CU tokens to burn using 50% of Eth from Treasury Inflows. I think this proposal will consistently add value to the CU token and the project as a whole. Full support to Proposal.

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let’s go ahead and pass this

Hello everyone! Please be informed that the proposal has entered the council review phase. The result will be published after 24 hours. Thank you!

Same as the other one, like it but would have hoped it could get merged into only one proposal

Another great proposal. Lets send it to vote!

Hello everyone! The review for this proposal has ended with the following result:

Yes: 11
No: 0

This proposal has now been moved to Snapshot for the official voting.

Hello, everyone.
This proposal has passed the official voting and is set to be implemented.

We’ll be working on the implementation steps and keep the community posted in the coming days. Thank you for your participation in the discussion!