Staking v2 Proposal

I must have missed the changes to the multiplier for the remaining staking time on my first read.
this is an absolute no-go. I staked my RBW for 1 year to receive maximum rewards and support the stability of the token, after 6 months you want to chop my rewards in half and not give an option to restake or change duration?

Big no.


The above statement is correct, if you had 5 playing accounts with the same badges you could spread those to 5 staking accounts. However, the sRBW convert you received on each account would be the same.

Ex: assume a player has 25 badges (5 unique badges / 20 duplicates), and the unique badges equate to a 0.50 sRBW convert bonus. The player could delegate the 5 unique badges to their primary staking account and will have a 0.50 sRBW convert boost. Or the player could spread out the 25 badges to 5 different accounts (5 unique per address), and each secondary address would have a 0.50 sRBW convert boost. Regardless of which route the player takes, they will receive the same sRBW convert, so it should be preferred to stake using the primary staking account.

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With it not supporting retroactive rewards, that means that for most people, the badges would do almost nothing.


Agree with everyone who’s against changing the multiplier for current stakes without more options provided.


Excellent proposal. It’s another example of the kind of thoughtful, innovative, community-driven project that this has proven to be. Nice work.

if i stake 100 rbw for 1 year, then get a badge, will that badge give a staking boost to the 100 staked rbw, or only give a boost to new rbw i stake?

  • Badge boosts do not get applied retroactively. Badges need to be delegated prior to staking for the boost to apply.
    • Delegating a badge after one has already completed the staking operation will not change the existing sRBW balance.
    • Instead, the boost from the newly-delegated badge will be applied to all future staking operations.

Hey, cuppy! To answer the question, only to the new RBW you staked in its current iteration.

I have 12000 RBW staked in 20 deposits ranging from 6 months to 1 year - some are due to expire soon - would it be possible for a staker to apply for a “restake all” option? In other words, could I combine my 20 old deposits into 1 new deposit of 12,000 RBW for 12 months. This would benefit the team who would not need to calculate all my dates and do 20 manual restakes (that I would need to also check) as well as me showing how much faith I have in the project. Once this restake had occurred I could then return to my strategy of staking 500 -2000 RBW per month on the new contract. For a clearer view of my position please refer to 0xdF465a441e20B72b764A4363585aE984E9fa5F3E thanks,

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wait, did i miss that the team had to manually restake each person’s tokens? If so, no. This should be done at a contract level when the new staking contract is activated

Hello, Steve! Migration will be done at a contract-level as Max mentioned. You may, however, restake them all at once using a single wallet as soon as they unlock if that’s your intention.

Meaning that no, you are unable to have them merged into 1 thing.

Earlier I mentioned financial repercussions of this proposal to stakers. I would like to further add the proposal in its form strips community members of up to 50% of their voting power with the DOA. However it leaves LG with 100% of their voting power. This needs some serious revisions to be acceptable. I look forward to community and team discussions on this proposal.

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That will take up to a year for all my contracts to unlock and they will all be reduced from my original 6 month or 1 year weighting that was agreed under the original contract. The original contract weights and rewards should be respected either in the restake mechanism or by some other means. Breaking that contract could be illegal and I don’t like the fact that I could lose out just because the community votes to terminate my original contract agreement. I’m thinking about contractual law, although I personally wouldn’t take that course of action against our beloved community.

This is a fantastic proposal. Really changing what I’ve seen in staking for gaming projects out there.

There are only a couple of items that I have questions on.

  1. Badge boost having no retroactive affect on previously staked tokens. I’d like to know the reasoning behind this if it’s a technical issue or other.

  2. The weight value of the boost badges give. This weight might be too small or too big but I haven’t made my mind up yet. Can you add more details why this is proposed this way? Maybe the team is seeing that we’re going to have 10s of badges in the future? Which would mean 10 x .05 (average guess here) = x5 multiplier in that scenario. Or would it be too much where we have 100s of badges and its 100x0.05 = 5x additional multiplier. I’d like to know how the team plans to strike the right kind of balance here with the badge boost specially when awarding the amount pf multiplier per type of badge.

I think this is really moving us all in a beautiful direction. Great stuff!

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@lgNanessa These questions need to be seen and answered

Most things in the proposal look good except for the multiplier cut due to the “forced” re-staking. I think the team needs to elaborate the good side on it.

Would it be a net positive, considering the big non-player depositors get a bigger cut than other small players? I hope yes?

CMIIW. So you know people who are active playing by staking the badge?

Not a fan of this :

If a 1 year deposit that had 9 months remaining was migrated to the new contract, this deposit is automatically staked for 9 months. (ex. If a player previously staked 100 RBW for 1 year (x4 conversion or 400 sRBW) and has 4 months remaining at the time of the migration, the player’s deposit would be restaked for 4 months and will get 200 sRBW at x2 conversion.)

what if I have summer of love I II and III?
There is no limit to how many badges a player can delegate to their staking account. However, each badge type can only be used once to get a boost. (ex. If there are 2 Summer of Love I badges delegated to a staking account, the staking account will only receive an sRBW boost for one of them.)

Also if we delegate the badges we will loose the NFT from our own collection?

I didn’t understand this
Purging a deposit will generate a reward that is equal to a percentage of the purged player’s deposit.

it will generate a reward to the players? . or if little billy has 1000 RBW the 1 RBW that goes to the purge address will be considered the reward?

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Look forward to refueling

10000% Agree with you my man :sunglasses: