RBW and UNIM Breeding Changes

I guess my assumption that failed breed are not that bad was wrong. That’s a fair point.

Tbh the curve between first 2 or 3 breeds and last 2 breeds seem very aggressive even in the conservative structure proposed. I’m curious to see how it unfolds. I’m not able to shake off that impression, at the moment. A higher cost make sense to limit high stat corns printing but at the same time really hurt aspiring bloodline builders. It’s hard to say if it will have the desired result without empowering already existing high stats bloodline while being a disincentive other to try to create their own.

One interesting data point we could check to test if its gonna be a big disincentive or still realistic is how much time would someone have to grind game loops to be able to breed out (use all breed point) without having to reinfect money in the game. Considering to make it really efficient they also need the evo booster loop.

I’ll be testing it since i just got my full setup for evo6 boosters, 14 lands, no high stats corns and about 60 unicorns. If it takes months to get a pair of unicorns breed out, i might just try my luck with 3 or 4 breeds rounds per pair.

I guess this aspect is the hardest to find right balance. It depends on each user land setup, corns, lot of RNG, etc. So trial and error seem like the way to go. Let’s see where this structure bring us. I would have gone to something like high increment in the middle of the curve and its smoothen toward the end.

No worry, apologies welcome. I understand your frustration. We need to keep a cool mind even tho DAO are sure not friction-less XD. It bring a lot of personalities and mindsets to collide hahaha, often can trigger each other.

Yes that’s what I had in mind, its sure not something that can be done in one day, and its require LG team implication. Don’t worry i keep all this in mind. It was important tho to share these ideas now while we have people attention on breeding systems. Then It can mature in everyone mind and at some point when thing are favorable we can look at it again. Personally it is pretty hectic at the moment, I have a 6 month old baby at home everyday, first baby, no kinder garden yet. So I couldn’t build a whole concept alone in one sprint, It will need to be conceived overtime and hopefully with the community participation.

All in all, I’d say I support the current proposal for the time being while knowing we will have to reiterate over the system in the future.

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What’s the next step to get this moving? this is overdue in my opinion.

Council meeting is every 30th.


The RBW and UNIM Breeding Changes proposal has entered the council review phase. The result will be made available after 24 hours. I will update this thread once the review has concluded.

Thank you for participating in the discussion!

As a new player very aggressive will hurt new players and only benefit the current holders with large holdings. If this is implemented the growth of new players will be stunted and counter the intent of building the community making the problem only worse for game expansion.

If you want to get new players you need to start with the least impactful and go from there. This can always be changed in the future, but you don’t want to shoot yourselves in the foot immediately.


idk if “Very Aggressive” is gonna help the new ppl
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Hello, @everyone!

The voting period for CUIP-017: RBW has ended with the following result.

Result: Passed - Very Aggressive
Snapshot: Snapshot

Very Aggressive - 61,262,525.16
No Change - 25,901,720.42
Aggressive - 7,064,436.96
Conservative - 1,957,543.85
Moderate - 697,535.02

Total sRBW Votes: 96,883,761.41
% sRBW Participation: 54.99%

The results of the vote will be coordinated with the related teams and will be implemented in the next possible deployment. Further announcements will be made via the CM team. Thank you very much for participating in governance!