Deflationary In-game Token Burn

I’m in favor burning as much RBW/CU as possible unless it would reduce staking rewards or have any impact on the LPs that many just locked up for a year. Doesn’t sound like that would be the case. If that is true, I’m in favor of this proposal.

Just adding in to conversation to add another perspective to token burning. While I like the idea. I think there is a lot to look at here. Token allocations outlined in white paper were created in my mind with the idea of eventual decentralization of the tokens. By burning tokens we further the event of the game become decentralized farther into the future increasing majority share of tokens by large holders. Just something to think about. Not saying this is good or bad. Just something to think about when making and voting on this proposal. Yes I posted the same thought in other proposal but since same thought applies here. I am posted here as well.

With TT’s line of thinking, I did a little calculation on what happens if we take 4M. Without hurting the current emissions (ie. rewards remain the same and holding all things constant), this is what we get.

Staking Allocation Amount Number of Weeks Left Exact End
Allocation Remaining 13,199,932.90 268 July 18, 2029
Allocation After 4M Burn 9,199,932.90 186 December 22, 2027

2029 is such a long time though. A lot can happen. We can either succeed and price goes up or we fail in that long time.

Also, something to consider. If per token price goes up in the future, the DAO may also consider further change/lower the token count emissions such that the overall value at price received remains the same but the years get extended.

In the end, @jbp3 will have to make a call whether to go for full 6.48M burn or partial burn in this proposal.

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Thank you Manic :heart: :+1:

Thank you for the clarification on the impact Manic!

As such, I stand by the 6.48% retroactive burn amount for this proposal with approximately 2% coming from the CU Treasury and the remaining balance coming from the Staking Allocation which will shorten the duration as you described.

As it stands, I believe this proposal is complete and ready for the next steps. Tagging a few folks here based on previous comments and questions: @timetraveler @IslandGurl @skmd @cuppy @RXIS @darthschmitty13

Giving my support for this proposal. I believe the retroactive burn of tokens will add value to the future value of CU. Full support :heart:

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Thank you, and Manic, for the additional clarification.

I support burning it . :fire:

all fine then, let’s burn it

Hello everyone! Please be informed that the proposal has entered the council review phase. The result will be published after 24 hours. Thank you!

Like the both ideas, would have loved to have all in one proposal tho

Sounds like a great idea. Lets go for it!

Hello everyone! The review for this proposal has ended with the following result:

Yes: 11
No: 0

This proposal has now been moved to Snapshot for the official voting.

Hello, everyone.
Similar to the other proposal, this proposal has also passed the official voting and is set to be implemented.

We’ll be working on the implementation steps and keep the community posted in the coming days. Thank you for your participation in the discussion!