Bug Bounty Program Renewal and Revision


This is a renewal for Bug bounty for another 6 months. I believe in encouraging and supporting community members to continually invest in and participate in the success of the project. Rewarding participation in bug hunts and community moderation enables DAO to collectively take ownership of what is being built together. This proposal seeks to renew the current proposal that will end this June 2023.


  • We wish to continually incentivize the community’s participation in finding bugs that cover in-game usability issues and issues with the official websites.


Bug Bounty Program

I want DAO to help improve the quality of the game. This program will reward players for submitting novel issues to the team with rewards commensurate with the severity of the issue submitted. The program only rewards the original reporter, and the Laguna Games team will judge the severity of each issue.

Tier Description Reward (USD)
Tier 1 high significance issues that are game-breaking or pose critical issues 2500
Tier 2 medium-high significance issues that directly affect in-game or site usage or block a game loop 1000
Tier 3 medium significance issues that directly affect in-game or site usage but possess a workaround or do not significantly impact a game loop 500
Tier 4 minor significance issues that have potential to directly affect in-game or site usage 250
Tier 5 minor significance issues that do not directly affect in-game or site usage 100
  • What is considered a novel issue?
    • Issues that haven’t been announced prior.
    • Issues that are not connected to a prior issue.
  • Who is considered the original reporter?
    • The first player to report to Zendesk about a particular issue that falls within the scope and limitations of the program who is also:
      • A member of the Discord community
      • Not currently on the running blacklist, and;
      • Complied with the Bug Bounty ticket format on Zendesk
  • How will the reward be disbursed?
    • As the reward is denominated in USD, the Laguna Games team shall have the discretion to pay the rewards in either RBW or USDC. This will follow a monthly cadence.


These two programs will be valid for six (6) months from July 2023 until December 2023., starting from when the current cycle ends. The current cycle must first be concluded using the existing model before this can take effect. Once the validity period ends.


We believe that these programs appropriately align rewards to further strengthen community participation as we gear towards the growth phase. We leave the approval of this proposal to the DAO.

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Hello, Keizer. I have missed the part on the proposal where you’ve made changes to the bug bounty program. Since there has been changes to this proposal and it’s not just a straight renewal of an existing proposal, we will need to respond with an impact report. Apologies for the delay on that regard.

As it’s also not yet been live for over 5 days, it’ll go to review in the next cycle (July 15th). Thank you!

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I’m good with this proposal. Not seeing anything that sticks out and slaps me in the face.

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Hello, everyone!
Please find the impact report for the sections revised in this proposal on the Notion document below.

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Hi Nessa,

Let me revise the Bug bounty based on your impact report and see what we can do to meet in the middle.



I made adjustments to the proposal. please view if you have time and we can discuss further if it requires more ammendment.

Hello, Keizer. Thanks for the response. Currently, the impact report for the revised version is the same as it still affects points 2, 3 and 4 raised in the impact report. As for #1, explaining the method will likely always be included when explaining how a decision is made. With that in mind, I don’t believe it’s possible to separate #1 from providing the report being requested. In my opinion, it’s more likely for us to get this to pass in time for the old policy to expire if we do a straight renewal.

hmm… ok. ill just remove it. that way it will be easier for everyone.

Updated!~ . please help check if this is already acceptable.


The council session for the Bug Bounty Program Renewal proposal has just concluded, and we are pleased to announce that we’re now ready to share the results:

Bug Bounty Program Renewal
Yes to moving to Snapshot: 9
Missed the review: 2

With this, the Bug Bounty Program Renewal proposal shall go to Snapshot for the sRBW holders’ consideration.

:link:Snapshot: Snapshot

Please follow the link to vote!

Hello, everyone.
I’d like to keep you updated on the latest vote on CUIP-028: Bug Bounty Program Renewal and Revision. Due to an unexpected turn of events, the vote did not reach the required quorum. As a result, despite receiving a predominantly positive response, the proposal could not be implemented and badges relating to this proposal will not be granted as a result of the failed vote. As the DAO has not passed the renewal, the ecosystem fund cannot be moved to reward Bug Bounty reports received after the expiry of the previous program on June 30.

Result: Failed to reach quorum

Yes: 30,545,433.1
No: 116,850.45

Total Votes: 30,662,283.55
Quorum: 87,032,634.59 (33% of total sRBW)

While this is the first time this has happened, this setback is only a momentary stop. The proposal will be re-queued on Snapshot after the Council Review on the 30th, along with any other proposal passed by the council.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to come together as a community to ensure a successful re-vote.

The voting period for CUIP-030: Bug Bounty Program Renewal and Revision II has ended with the following result.

Result: Yes

Snapshot: Snapshot

Yes: 49,139,070.29 + 200,000,100
No: 1,285,327.65

Total Votes: 250,424,497.94