Tier III Class Material Deconstruct option in the workshop

Dear All,

I’m trying to understand the Tier III’s and I am thinking of giving them further utility.

What are your thoughts about decomposition for Class III Materials ? what if we have options to "deconstruct Tier III Materials? how much materials are we giving back to users when they deconstruct Tier III and how much would they need to spend to deconstruct such material ?

Class III Materials are as follows :

  • Kawaii Crystals
  • Dark Matter
  • Vibrant Blooms
  • Pot of Gold
  • Ice Cubes
  • Geode Core
  • Reactor Charge
  • Jaw Breaker Heart
  • Steaming Pizzas

In my thoughts There should be an amount of balancing on how much can return and how much we still need to spend. Initially I was looking to see these numbers.

in order for you to create a Tier III Material you will need. [4 pcs matched, 3 pcs non matched]

  • 8 pcs of Tier II Material of the same Class.
  • 7 pcs of Tier I Material of the same Class.
  • 50 Berries of the same class
  • 10 Seeds of the same class

What if we can deconstruct them using poop scrolls? in my thoughts here is the recipe for deconstruction.

  • 18 hours
  • 2 Energy
  • 100 UNIM
  • 5 Poop Scrolls
  • 4 Tier III Materials

What would this give us ?
There were certain considerations here that I am concerned about. where i would need public opinion.

My initial thought for 4 materials is this.

  • 4 Tier II Materials of same material class
  • 3 Tier I Materials of same material class
  • 25 Berries of same material class (considering if we can just omit)
  • 2 Seeds of same material class (considering if we can just omit)

I want to send this to a proposal but before i do that I want to know what the user’s idea over this matter. I don’t want to supersede the people and I want to get opinions to see if how it would fit in our category.

Why do we need a feature like this in the first place? Author would just like to provide further utility for Class III Materials. for me this looks like a clear sink in the game and for users who don’t have a use for their Tier III, they can deconstruct for a price so they can make their materials more usable.

For example : The new quest exchange only requires Class II and Class I Materials. I also want to participate in quest to exchange for materials I need for Progression. I will deconstruct my materials for it so that i can find it more useful for my quest.

Another Example : Farm plots Max levels don’t use Vibrant blooms. I want to deconstruct my vibrant blooms so i can use them to upgrade my farm plots.

let me know your thoughts.

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I think its a great idea and it would make a lot of sense as an added feature to the workshop.

I feel like it would give an other decision making pattern where someone has to chose between producing materials or dismantle. It would look workshop slots. I think it would make more sense then adding it as a quest wish only consume unicorns energy.

I think a malus(penalty) of 25% or 30% of the crating cost would make sense.

Yes that could be an interesting recipe. Standard crafting recipe output sound logical, or could be double the standard crafting recipe output. Adding a UNIM and berry cost, cause unicorns don’t work well on an empty belly :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: haha.

All in all I think its great idea. I would really put emphasis on the fact that is would be a great idea to put it as job in the workshop. Implementation could be a tab that you select and then you pick the recipe from a drop down menu. Something like this.

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