Test server for all major game patches

Good Afternoon CU family!

I think we are at a point in game development, where enough elements exists within the world, that a test server is necessary to test all major patches prior to live deployment. It is imperative, that we treat the CU ecosystem, with as much care as possible during its infancy. A major patch, in the wrong direction, can have major consequences on our already delicate player base.

This test server would allow for both the team, and the community (if public testing is enabled), to properly vet out game changes, and provide feedback, before live meta changes go into effect.

This also gives the community the ability, to plan there current actions, based on future patches that are live on the test server, and have a good chance of moving to live. I feel like this would help make major changes transition easier, as it wont be as much of a shock to the system.

This would require a significant number of resources, as a second copy of the game server would need to be hosted and maintained. Perhaps this is a server that is only turned on, during active patch testing/deployment/feedback stages, as to reduce ongoing costs to the CU team.

  • We want more details on a test server!
  • We like updates going live without testing

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I honestly like this idea,

so that rather than get shocked by the meta changes or balancing changes. people have time to absorb the information.

also this is good for specific limited audiences.

  • have founders have an access
  • have streamers have an access.

so based on their feedback they can inform the public or streamers make a content for them.

if there are tuning changes then it can be done on the test before moving forward. its an additional layer of impact…

there is actually an old proposal idea about this before. but i think people need to see this again as a separate proposal.


Ideally, having more hands would help in hunting bugs and testing functionalities. Building a test server will be a huge undertaking if ever. Not to say that this is not possible but, we’ll need to be ready for the trade-off if we decide to push this to a vote!

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