Reallow RBW Airdrop Claim (better for community)

Crypto Unicorns is a fun, happy place for Unicorns and human frens. Unfortunately some frens are sad because they weren’t able to claim their RBW Airdrop. This is to propose re-allowing RBW airdrops to be claimed.

  • At this early stage of Crypto Unicorn, it’s more beneficial long term if more people get to enjoy it. Excluding those who missed the recent claim from participating in such a big part of the ecosystem can turn away those supporters this early.

  • Other successful projects have shown that longer claim periods have proved to be healthy for the community since it takes the different profiles and circumstances of the project supporters into consideration. For example:

*BAYC/Yuga Lab’s claim period for MAYC is still ongoing since Aug. 2021. In addition, the $ape coin’s claim period is 90 days.

*RTFKT’s claim period for Clone X has been open since Dec. 2021.

*In contrast, Crypto Unicorn’s claim period for RBW was only 20 days.

The longer claim periods for the sample projects above have been beneficial for the respective projects’ communities, and shows the proj team understands and goes the extra mile to take care of their community).

  • The RBW token’s launch details were included in the Discord’s “Announcements” channel, however the deadline for claiming RBW was accidentally NOT announced in the said channel. Such an important deadline that with significant and long term impact on collectors should be consistently included in the main “Announcements” channel. (yes it was announced in social media and other sub-channels, but given the significant and permanent repercussions of the deadline – not including it in the “Announcements” channel cost a good number of collectors significant negative impact).

A good number of community members have voiced out the same request in the CU Dicsord to re-allow RBW airdrops to be claimed. Thank you so much for the team and community’s consideration.


Nicely written Boredrd :slight_smile:

I am also effected and have been a long time supporter, other members of are also impacted here… currently I am aware of 15 people directly, all of whom were strong supporters, held and bought assets and collectively hold items valued over $500k.

I also mainly followed the Announcement channel more than anything else across all projects of interest, and very surprised it was not put here, when 100s of thousands of $ is at stake.

I think a sufficient resolution here is to re-open the claim window for 24-72hrs and make a clear announcement about it, especially in the Announcements channel (but on twitter and CU too)

As I said it’s left a very sour taste for me… I’m not at all happy about this situation and I know this is shared by at least 15 other people… It’s alienating a large part of the community.

Please can we resolve this so all effected can have a fair resolution.

Also, I read one of the reasons for not “re-opening” is due to fairness on those that claimed… I find it really hard to understand how those are in any way effected, especially not to the tune of collectively losing 100s of thousands of $… Which scenario is “fair” here?


I have claimed my airdrop and would be fine if others were given another fair chance to claim theirs. Not all supporters are able to follow announcements in real time. Maybe a week would be ok, e.g. for those who go through DC announcements on days off from work.


If you are the stronger holder, you will never ignore this information. There were claimed almost 90%. Moreover, CU extended the deadline! I think that is our issue.


I saw the original post and I do not see why it was flagged as spam. It’s an honest proposal - That merits consideration. I was hoping the CU community was more WAGMI in spirit. Realizing not everyone can be on discord/social media the whole time. Life happens to people. IRL things. Supporters come from different backgrounds and we probably have different available bandwidths for these things. This does not make any of us any less a supporter just because some claim windows were missed.


somebody flagged your reply as spam :frowning: But I think you and your friends’s concerns are valid. It’s odd why your response was tagged as spam, when it was written objectively.


If we open this window for claiming for another 2 days, for example, and someone comes along 3 days later who didn’t claim in those 2 days. What do we do? Do we reopen again?


The end of the claim was reported many times, including on Twitter. In addition, the period was extended by 1 week.

If the team does reopen the ability to claim RBW, all transactions of the remaining NFTs need to be checked, as many smart people just bought them on the floor in the hope of making a quick buck.


You all say you are long-time supporters, so why have you just joined this discussion space for less than a day?
Did you read the other articles discussed? Why has the reward already been claimed by 90%, most people can claim it within the time limit, not to mention it has been extended once…
I think the airdrop reward will be re-distributed to the more active supporters in the community is Reasonable……


don’t allow please. if someone got a nft, he/she should pay attention


Very well written and I learned a few things about other projects I didnt know. :sunglasses: I fully support this proposal. Nice work Boredrd! :goat:

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This proposal is really good, and I support your idea :sunglasses:

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I oppose, I support the decision of the project side, the decision of the project side is a decision made after long-term thinking, and the project side pays attention to and attaches great importance to the users who have been paying attention to the project side’s dynamics. The distribution has been notified many times in advance, not just 20 days), so is it necessary?
And the method of my unicorn airdrop is through tradable NFT, which makes people wonder, if the airdrop is re-opened again, who will receive this part of the airdrop? Will it still be the original participating users?
I don’t think other projects should be compared to each other, each project has its own characteristics, and this is the characteristics of unicorns! Rewards are often given to users who pay attention to community projects, not passers-by, thank you.


Should be NO EXTENSION (my opinion).

The argument is well presented but the core idea is just not acceptable for me. Also saying that a good number of community members voice out, so how many is that?

You should not compare BAYC, Clone X to CU since this is an NFT game and not a PFP project where people are just waiting for floor price to go up. More engagement is needed in NFT game space compared to PFP projects. Many things are needed to be improved like tokenomics, gameloops, gameplay, etc. Active community participation, feedback, reviews is needed to achieve the optimal decision for the community.

I am not the most active member here and in discord but even if I am not, I was able to catch the announcement.

Your voice will be heard. But to be fair to what I believe is a majority in our CU community, there should not be any extension and put the unclaimed RBW to treasury :slight_smile:

A guy from Ukraine wasn’t able to claim because of war. If that is the reason, for humanitarian consideration, that might be accepted. But saying that longer claiming period is better, there is no data to back that up.


I’m still trying to figure out how there were several of you from the same club that were closely following the project, and you guys all missed this. You accepted the risk when you got into CU and you should’ve paid attention


No. I hope there are some nft that will burn itself and disappear from wallet after the expiry date so that people that miss the time to claim won’t know they have miss some valuable airdrop. I love the way airdrop that you only get rewards if you paying attention to the project


It might be worth doing. Just don’t give an “airdrop” to those who bought them off hand.

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I think moving forward, yes claim timelines should be given (if it was the case they have not been before) at the same time as releasing the claim events/ participation entry.

I don’t think it is fair to re-open the claiming period :stop_sign: Why…because the claim has the NFT associated with it, which ppl are/have been trading. Correctly the listings state: :bangbang:

A memento of the first successful RBW drop!

The RBW Airdrop claiming Period has ended. The value of these RBW Claim Tokens has been removed from the contract as of April 7, 4PM PST.

Important: Please do not trade these NFTs as they no longer hold value henceforth nor in the future.

With the claim period extended and then closed, I think ppl have been trading these NFTs “as is”. In which case, to re-assign RBW value would cause frustration to the sellers.

:moneybag: If ppl have invested in the project, are rooting for it, and are actively joining the journey of development…then I think it would be pretty hard to have missed all the info :white_check_mark: :ballot_box_with_check: on Discord, Twitter, AMAs, in the community in general. I don’t understand how ppl could have missed all this info out there- to confirm of the claim period.

:innocent: I do agree that some case-by-case decisions should be made. There will be things that has genuinely meant someone has not been able to be active in the community. Namely recent world events, but also particularly challenging times a family may be going through. So I think for these, the team should be able to make exceptions. In a way that is behind -closed-doors to protect the privacy of community members.


The other day I did not have time to receive NFT from DEXGURU there were several days and you can still find many such examples. There was enough time there. If I’m not mistaken it has been extended. So those who followed the project, and really were early adopters, of course, had time

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I read this post…
And, what is it about?
The way I see it, I didn’t get my freebie, give it to me.
Here’s my question to the author of the thread, and others who write to open.

  1. where did you get the numbers that the majority have a negative perception of closing the token claim?
  2. You write OVERALL words, you don’t give any specifics anywhere as to why you couldn’t claim your reward in 20 days
  3. Above people write that there were enough sources for claiming awards: Diskord, Twitter, Telegram
    If you are such Investors, so committed to the game, why don’t you keep track of game events?
  4. Airdrop is a thank-you from the Developers to the community. The community appreciated it, and is very grateful to the Developers for giving out tokens: this translates into feedback, it translates into support for the work they do, it translates into promoting the project to the masses.
    You were given the tokens for FREE, and you were given a STATED deadline to claim them. You didn’t claim them, and after that you’re whining and blaming the developers? And hide behind the fact that BOTH members of the community are unhappy about it?
    Aren’t you hypocrites, my friends? Take responsibility for your actions / inactions, and do not pass it on the shoulders of others.
    Think of it as buying a life lesson about owning information / that information is one of your most valuable resources.