Quadratic Voting for Multi-Choice Votes

@MTM_zela @timetraveler

Short-term, LG+investor token allocation retains a combined share of 35%. While cannot be used to stake for rewards, these can be used to vote. So far we’ve only voted once, (Team and Investor RBW Token Lock Extension) and while we’ve only voted once so far, we do believe that there are moments where we, as creators of the IP, will need to step in and guide us forward. A Sybil attack would be a perfect example of it. If a QV proposal is subject to a Sybil attack, anybody from the DAO may write a counter-proposal to nullify the said proposal. These types of proposal with binary options will the retain single-choice voting system, so with the rest of the DAO, we can still collectively nullify the said questionable proposal.

Mid-term, we’re considering combining the QV voting system with the Proof of Humanity strategy on Snapshot. We’ll see how we actually proceed. Snapshot also is planning on adding the Gitcoin passport strategy. They discussed it on their Twitter Spaces last week. We have time to explore options even as Snapshot continues to iterate on their product.