Draft Proposal Creation Guide (Read this before making a Draft Proposal!)

When an idea is ready to be proposed, a Draft Proposal should be written. All drafts must be approved by the CM team (that’s us!). We ask that people use the following format so all proposals have a similar structure:

Name — Brief Name
Summary — Two or three sentences describing the proposal.
Motivation — Describe to the community the reasoning behind why this proposal is necessary.
Details — Dive into the specifics of what is being proposed. You can add more categories here to help organize your ideas. Make sure to add a timeline and proposal cost, if appropriate for your Draft Proposal.
Conclusion — Outline the voting choices as well as any relevant details around cost and timelines.

Here is an example of what a good Draft Proposal looks like:

For Draft Proposals where public opinion is divided, we will run a Temperature Check Poll. The goal here is to get a gut check on whether or not a proposal is ready to go live.

Creating a Draft Proposal follows the same steps as suggesting an Idea, except that Draft Proposals are posted in their respective category. However, please keep in mind to follow the format discussed earlier so your Draft will get accepted. Your post will also not be visible unless a member of the CM team approves it.

Take note: If the CM team does not approve of your draft proposal, your post will be deleted. Please make sure to keep a backup copy of your draft at all times.