CUIP-007 - Team and Investor RBW Lock Extension [Pass]


With the protracted bear market in our midst, we believe that now is the time to renew our commitment to the long-term success of Crypto Unicorns IP and ecosystem. To this effect, we propose to extend the Team and Investor RBW Allocation Lock Period from a 1-year lock and 24-month linear unlock to a 2-year lock and a 24-month linear unlock.


We believe that now is the perfect time to build and grow. By extending the lock period, the team is further incentivized to continue their work in development and better position the Crypto Unicorns ecosystem for growth.


As described in the whitepaper, tokens were allocated to the Laguna Games Team and sold to strategic investors. Under the current schedule, the unlock period for these tokens will begin on March 1, 2023, one year from the token’s inception date. We propose to change this such that the unlock period for the Team and Investor RBW tokens begins one year later, on March 1, 2024.


The Laguna Games team and its investors are committed to the success of the Crypto Unicorns IP and ecosystem. We wish to continue building and supporting the project, especially given the current market conditions, to set us up for a period of rapid expansion and growth in the future. We ask that the community vote in support of this.

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